Amg gt future value

The sedan, which we're reviewing here, occupies a middle ground between sports cars and traditional performance sedans.

amg gt future value

Mercedes refers to it as a four-door coupe, which is a confusing way to say it's a sedan with a tapering rear roofline. That roofline cuts into rear-seat headroom as well as cargo capacity. But you might as well get an E-Class if it's practicality you want. Well, that plus its available V8 engine that cranks out a heady horsepower. Be the first to write a review. I don't claim to be the arbiter of style and taste, and I realize that one person's trash might be someone else's treasure.

I'm sure we're going to have some disagreements on my picks. Leave a comment below. Leave a civilized comment below. So let's jump right into it. It is a stunner in person. It's very angular. It's almost like a stealth fighter with all these facets everywhere. It's sharp. It's cool. It capitalizes on a lot of potential that I thought the NSX didn't. I'm a fan of these forward-leaning angles that the designers put into it.

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I like that it's almost attacking the air in front of it. Also, I like that they still have some of the character of the old Corvette in the hood here with these streaks.

amg gt future value

The proportions are great. Unlike some mid-engine sports cars, the Corvette still has a decent-sized hood, and the back end isn't too big and boxy or bulbous like some other mid-engine sports cars can get. To me, everything just sort of works well together, and it's just super sharp. And by the way, all of these pics are in just random order. There's no rhyme or reason to these. My next pick? Dodge Challenger.The development team at Affalterbach pulled out all the stops when they applied their exceptional engineering skills to the new Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series fuel consumption combined Black Series has been the mark of uncompromisingly sporty Mercedes-AMG automobiles sincewith a consistent technology transfer from motorsport into series production.

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If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.See all 10 photos. Question: What's the longest-running nameplate in the history of Mercedes-Benz? Answer: the SL, going all the way back to the W from You'd be forgiven, though, for thinking the two-seater, big-dollar roadster was no longer around.

Overshadowed by both the soon-to-be-discontinued S-Class Cabriolet and the AMG GT Roadsterthe current-generationugly-is-bone-deep R SL has been a major sales disappointment for the men and women behind the three-pointed star. Only 1, people loved this underwhelming GT enough to buy one in Toyota sells more Land Cruisers. But fear not, Super-Leicht faithful, help in the form of a new SL is arriving next year.

Billed as the SL, the new convertible will be on sale by the latter half of and will be given the internal designation of R Returning to the model's roots, we expect the SL to be much sportier than the current luxo-barge. This assumption is bolstered by the fact that the next SL will be entirely designed by Mercedes' in-house hot rod division, AMG. Spy shots indicate that the new SL will lose its now-traditional folding hardtop and instead go with a canvas roof.

Powertrain choices will be many, starting with a RWD car SL 43 perhaps powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. We doubt Mercedes would port its archaic 3. Breaking down that last moniker, the 73e refers to a 4. We're assuming that the SL 55 S will be a high-output version of the M, i. You might expect every SL to use a version of Mercedes' nine-speed automatic transmission. We have to imagine that in order to keep up with the Joneses Porschemid-engine Corvettethe GT will retain its dual-clutch and transaxle.

Therefore, it makes sense that the next SL will feature a dual-clutch transmission mounted behind the driver. We think not. Could the SL have an automatic while the GT retains its dual-clutch transaxle? Maybe, but super doubtful, as that's overstretching a platform. AMG boss Tobias Moers has said that the SL is returning to its sporty roots, so maybe a dual-clutch transaxle for the rear wheels and the front wheels are powered by electricity? Obviously, we have much to learn about the new Mercedes-Benz SL, including its price.

Watch Originals.Please contact an authorised Mercedes-Benz retailer for specific information on vehicles and features available in Australia.

Product changes may have been made since production of this content. With a wealth of safety and assistance systems on board, it gets you to your destination not only quickly, but also more safely and feeling relaxed. Mercedes-Benz Financial can finance or lease all vehicle models so that your dreams can come true. Handcrafted by racers. Find your Retailer.

Model overview One highlight after another. Design Forward thrust in its purest form. More information. Performance Performance straight from the race track to the road. Performance highlights. More on performance. Safety Racing machine and safety car in one. Safety highlights:. More on safety. Specifications The ideal measurements of an exceptional athlete.

More about the specifications.

AMG 4.0-Liter V8 Biturbo Engine

Mercedes-Benz Financial So close to your dream car. The fresh new way to lease your favourite Mercedes-Benz. Find your Simplicity. Find your Agility. Calculate your weekly Agility repayments. Calculate your repayments. Request a Brochure. Test Drive. Locate a Retailer. Driveaway Calculator. Build your Car.The age of front-engine supercars is over, they say. Mid-engine is where it's at, just ask the Chevrolet Corvette.

It's been six years since the front-engine, rear-drive Mercedes-AMG GT debuted, and it still draws attention wherever it goes. Until the AMG One —the promised Formula 1-engined, plug-in hybrid hypercar with a claimed top speed of mph—arrives in the next year or so, the GT is still the pinnacle of AMG two-seat performance, and the GT R versions are the fiercest of the breed. Easily identified by its massive carbon-fiber rear spoiler, the GT R coupe has been around since Production is limited to just units worldwide, but the sun and the stars don't come cheap.

Both feature the same twin-turbo 4. The roadster's folding softtop comes from the GT and GT C convertibles and features three layers of fabric stretched over an aluminum, magnesium, and steel frame. The 4. Although that output makes the roadster Mercedes's most powerful two-seat convertible, it's far from its most powerful model. Other versions of this engine develop horsepower and pound-feet of torque in certain all-wheel-drive AMG models, including several of its SUVs.

Which makes the GT R's pound-feet—available across a broad plateau of to rpm—not nearly as impressive as it once was. But power isn't the GT R roadster's shortcoming. Putting that power to the road effectively is. Off-the-line traction is a serious issue despite a considerable rear weight bias, a rear track widened by 2. The Michelins put up a good fight and tag team the onslaught of power with an easily engaged launch-control system.

But the GT R still lags behind most of its all-wheel-drive rivals to 60 mph. That said, the GT R roadster—which should post a similar That the GT R coupe is in the top tier of the quickest track cars we've ever tested at our Lightning Lap event also doesn't hurt, although the coupe's even harder-core GT R Pro setup does not extend to the roadster.

With its carbon-fiber front fenders and other lightweight bits, we expect the GT R roadster to weigh about pounds, about 50 pounds less than a GT C roadster.

GT R models also get less sound-deadening materials, dynamic engine and transmission mounts, and an exhaust system that saves 13 pounds versus its tamer siblings. It doesn't roar, it thunders. Your neighbors will hear you leave in the morning. Tightly wound and intense, the GT R feels like a hot rod, but it isn't uncivilized.

AMG has tightened its suspension, but the edges are rounded off its ride and the suspension soaks up large impacts well. It's firm, but not unpleasant, handling uneven expansion joints and Los Angeles's broken concrete freeways better than a Porsche Turbo S.

To stiffen its body, the roadster gets additional carbon-fiber bracing in its driveshaft tunnel and under its hood. You would expect its long, low front end to rub itself raw on every driveway incline, speed bump, and parking block, yet it doesn't. There's also exemplary wind protection with the top down, and manageable levels of road roar with it up.

amg gt future value

Unfortunately, its sizable side mirrors fall right at eye level, blocking your view out the front and side. They not only hide pedestrians and apexes but oncoming trucks. Rear visibility isn't any better. With its meaty reserve of low-end torque, it's almost impossible to catch AMG's V-8 napping. The GT R roadster is just as enjoyable on a relaxed sunset cruise as it is on a flat-out run through the canyons, which is where it excels with a playful, forgiving balance, hefty and direct steering, and high levels of grip.

Standard carbon-ceramic brake rotors are easy to modulate but can be squeaky in city traffic. When unleashed, the roadster's dual-clutch transaxle feels well geared, responsive, and snappy, helping it explode from corner to corner.

When the transmission is in manual mode, the entirety of its new digital Cool touch, AMG. That's about the same as the entry point for the latest Turbo S cabriolet. Some may say the age of the front-engine supercar is all but dead.Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: The Mercedes-AMG GT combines the fascination of an authentic sports car with segment-specific technology leadership and high practicality.

He expresses the essence of the performance brand AMG. Please contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealership for a full list of available options. Just a few more clicks towards your Mercedes-AMG configuration.

Select your country and we will get you to the configurator. Numerous elements from racing form a dynamic statement. The long, wide bonnet sets the direction. The AMG-specific radiator grille emphasizes the sporty character. The new design of the LED high-performance headlights and especially the new daytime running lights design make the front of the Mercedes-AMG GT even more striking than before the facelift.

The classic fastback design features LED rear lights with darkened elements inside. The redesigned rear diffuser with two round double tailpipe trims in high-gloss chrome underlines the dynamics. The dynamic silhouette signals an unstoppable forward thrust. The striking new side skirts design with stronger contouring and additional decorative elements opens to powerful shoulders.

Show more information. These headlamps are a highlight in two respects: thanks to all-LED technology they enable you to see and be seen better — and therefore offer enhanced safety.

With their striking design the front lights and tail lights are already bright during the day, while at night their technical excellence shines through in particular. The AMG exhaust supports the sporty character and at the same time the suitability for everyday use of your vehicle. It impresses with a powerful V8 sound under strong acceleration, but remains subtly in the background when driving at a steady speed.

The 2 chrome-plated round twin tailpipe trim elements are a clear indication of your vehicle's power reserves. A special acoustic experience is provided by the switchable AMG Performance exhaust system. Two variably adjustable exhaust flaps allow you to change the sound of the vehicle at the push of a button.

Benefit from excellent deceleration in any situation: the AMG high-performance composite brake system is your reliable partner when it comes to reducing speed.AMG's four-door GT is a stroke of genius. The dramatically styled hatchback sedan looks like a stretched AMG GTeven though it is in fact a masterfully rebodied E-class. And there's a very good reason for that.

And that, quite clearly, would have been an unacceptable compromise. All the glamour and glory of the AMG GT, but a spacious platform and cutting-edge infotainment and telematics: what's not to like? That money buys essentially the same car, but with a slightly detuned version of the same silky-smooth, mild-hybrid 3. Compared to the GT53, power drops from to horsepower, while maximum torque falls from to lb-ft.

Those numbers are not exactly feeble, and indeed, the GT43 still manages to charge from zero to 60 mph in 4. Top speed is undisclosed and will likely depend on tires, but we know that the largely identical Europe-market version can easily attain an electronically limited mph.

Unlike in Europe, U. And since it is a model, every GT43 is fitted with the latest MBUX user interface and a new center touchscreen that makes data entry far easier than using the fussy touchpad on the center console.

A Burmester stereo system is standard as well. With its large hatch, trunk, and rear seats, the AMG GT43 is a veritable long-distance cruiser that is suitable for the entire family, and while the upper part of the dashboard is similar to that in the E-class, the lower part—imitating a NACA duct—is taken directly from the two-door GT sports car. This way, no one will mistake it for an E-class—or a CLSyet another derivative of Benz's volume executive sedan.

While the lower entry-level price will undoubtedly endear the four-door AMG GT to more buyers, there are alternatives. Equally glamorous, they are both less powerful than this new AMG. Shopping the segment has just become more difficult. New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. View Photos. AMG GTs.

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