Bnos chava seminary

The summer is ending. School buses are revving up. Hamodia talked — and listened — to educators, parents, and community askanim to raise awareness of the problem, and look at some possible solutions. Yet for Rabbi Kramer, a veteran mechanechvacation is just a slower day of working for the benefit of the RebbeimMorosparents and children who seek out his caring advice.

For the past few years, Rabbi Kramer, who now resides in Lakewood, New Jersey, has given generously of his time to guide principals, teachers and parents of teenage girls who have difficulty being accepted into, or remaining in, school.

The causes, as he explains, may be one of many, and possible solutions vary as well. Nevertheless, understanding some of the root causes of these issues can help us formulate a strategy to ameliorate the problem and solve what has become a crisis in some communities. I think this may shed light on the problem, and tough decisions will have to be made.

bnos chava seminary

Because Rabbi Kramer has developed a broad understanding and a wide network of contacts across the country and beyond, he is in a unique position to assist parents of high school-age girls when they come knocking on his door. Rabbi Kramer shares his opinion about this phenomenon.

The Children Left Behind

Each one by itself can be a reason that the student is not succeeding, and volumes can be written about each topic. As with most problems, Rabbi Kramer stresses, the earlier they are discovered, acknowledged and dealt with, the greater the chance for a positive outcome. Elementary schools cannot ignore problems or modify learning without addressing root learning or emotional issues.

Often, this prevents the parents from getting the child the remedial help or counseling he or she needs, and the child ends up suffering. If a patient has fever for a week, any good medical doctor will order a blood test to arrive at an understanding and a diagnosis.

Similarly, a school must insist on a good ed-psych workup of a student who is struggling in order to address the issue before it becomes a major one.

A school can handle a few students with learning problems, a few with emotional issues and a few with hashkafic challenges. But they cannot have an open door and be asked to address every problem. Based on his recent involvement in placing students, Rabbi Kramer unequivocally states that the biggest problem facing the community is girls of high school age. Yet I was a bit surprised to see that there are girls already in eighth grade who are not in school.

I think this is indicative that the root of the problem is not just acceptance in high school, but an earlier onset of dissatisfaction in these girls. Although the dilemma of children out of school can have many causes, Rabbi Kramer explains that the phenomenon of young girls not in school, either because they were not accepted or because they drop out, has roots which run deeper. America is a prosperous land, and some Yidden in America are living or chasing an affluent standard of living.

In some respect, they have cast off some of their upbringing and are pursuing a materialistic existence which is not in sync with the mores of their community. Yet they still want to fit in with the frum society in which they grew up or now reside.

In essence, they are living a dual existence, a home life which has a lower level of spirituality, and the face they wish to put on for the school in which they portray a higher level. Without this, they end up lost, and their children end up confused or openly rebellious. These couples, when they have children, do not have a clear path of how they want to raise them, and what they want their families to look like. Today, there is a proliferation of Torah as perhaps our nation has never seen before in the Galusbut at the same time there is a more vague and difficult middle ground.

In the past, when there were different levels of religiosity, people chose a school which fit their level. A modern Orthodox Jew chose a school which followed a more lenient set of rules to match their derech. Today, in many communities, this school no longer exists. Often it is the parents who are being judged and rejected at acceptance, not just the child.

Today, few parents will admit that their standards have been lowered.Another self explainatory school Well it is maybe more of an open minded school.

bnos chava seminary

I mean bjj does also have a varity and a big school No don't be scared to apply. These terms are not black and white BJJ and??? There is still plenty of time to do fun stuff, relax, visit people, etc. There are a lot of girls there that you would look at and not necessarily think are bjj type-but they went there!

So the stereotype is not so correct. Second of all abt the work? The person that i know that went there was pretty studious in high school, but she totally didnt work hard in seminary!

She handed in all the reports on time and wtvr but she didnt necessarily always completely do the written homework or study that well for tests and wtvr And third of all? The dorms are actually pretty nice! Post a Comment. AMMesilos is the bestestdeMento My biggst question is thier questions - how are th AM, what type of gpa's do most schools look for?

Ateret Hullo everyone! I am amazed at how quickly Semina Okay, Sem Speeches with Teaches i love the rhym Hadar just in case Pnimim could we have a post abt seminary in general? Bnos Sara Shoshanim Seminar arent we supposed to posting where we're applying Bnos Chava Mesilos Okay anonymous mentor: this post is for you. You asked for it so here it is: a blog where Hedv About Me chedvah gal Chedvah is the place i call home View my complete profile.

Tuesday, October 10, High school is a bridge from childhood to adulthood, and preparing students for the future is an important focus at KTA. A structured guidance process provides each student with the tools and information she and her parents need to make the best possible decisions to further her education Jewishly, academically, and professionally.

Seminary Guidance is provided by Mrs. Rabbi Lichtenstein and Mrs. Epstein meet with the senior class and with their parents to discuss options and address questions and concerns about seminary programs in Israel, the United States and elsewhere. Epstein works individually with each student to help her identify seminary programs that best match her interests, aptitude, and priorities and to guide her through the seminary application and interview process. Each year, representatives of many Israeli seminaries visit KTA to present their programs and to recruit students.

bnos chava seminary

KTA students attend a broad range of seminary programs, and we are proud that our alumnae have earned our school an excellent reputation for their thorough and advanced preparation for higher learning, their motivation and enthusiasm, and their sterling midos tovos. The college guidance process is directed by Mrs. Epstein, Rabbi Lichtenstein and the General Studies faculty. Preparation for college begins early in high school; all students take the PSAT exam in grades nine and ten to prepare them for the SAT and ACT exams that most elect to take in grades eleven and twelve.

Honors and Advanced Placement level courses prepare students for SAT subject tests that are required by the most competitive colleges and universities. Below please find links to information and forms that will help you to navigate the seminary and college application process.

The Seminary and College Application Handbook is an excellent resource and explains every step of the process in detail. Please contact Mrs. Seminary and College Admissions Handbook. Dates to Remember, Seminary Application Timeline. College Application Timeline. Transcript Request. Recommendation Request for Seminary and College. Skip to main content. Seminary and College Guidance.Tiferes Bais Yaakov equips each graduate to succeed in pursuing professional excellence, complementing her eventual role as an Akeres Habayis.

This is done through a unique and joyful experience, blending rigorous Limudei Kodesh and outstanding secular studies with Torah-true Hashkafa and character-driven student activities. View All Events. Randyl Gavert joined Tiferes Bais Yaakov in Prior to becoming a teacher she worked in publishing for several years as a managing director for Bantam Doubleday Dell, as well as being an ESL teacher.

Two of her daughters are graduates of Tiferes Bais Yaakov. Tzvia Eisenberg teaches Grades 9 and 12 Safa. Upon returning to her native Toronto, she has been teaching for local day schools in both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies at the elementary level.

She also teaches Remedial, and provides tutoring services. She is certified in the Feuerstein Method of Instrumental Enrichment Level 1 and draws upon this learning in her work with students. As part of her community involvement, she is a mentor with Partners in Torah. She also teaches a Hebrew Language course and a Chumash class.

Following six years of teaching in Israel, at both the elementary and high school levels, Mrs.

Tiferes Bais Yaakov, Toronto 2017: Promo video

Shukroon moved with her family to Canada. Here she taught in a local day school for five years before joining the Tiferes Bais Yaakov family. In her role as Student Activities Coordinator, Mrs. Shukroon ensures that the students fulfill their Ministry of Education requirements for community service hours, coordinates Chesed activities, arranges Rosh Chodesh programs, plans Shabbatonim and liaises with outside organizations for all special programs.

Her role is pivotal in promoting the values of Tiferes Bais Yaakov through Student Council and extracurricular activities. She is passionate in teaching students biology, chemistry, and physics. Miss Shor has been involved with many chesed organizations — gaining relevant experiences in working with students with many differing abilities and exceptionalities.

Moran Sabbah teaches a Safa course and a Biur Tefillah class. She has professional development training from the Azrieli Foundation on Holocaust Education. Miss Lasarow is passionate about preparing students for their future roles as leaders in the community and preparing them for their post-secondary pathways.

She is enthusiastic about teaching students cross-curricular skills and gaining an appreciation for Canadian History. She has experience teaching Biology, Math, Chemistry and General Science at the secondary and post-secondary level. She received her B. Teaching in Secondary Education. In addition to her experiences in the education field, she has experiences in the scientific industry in virology and microbiology.

Rabbi Joshua Kaller is currently teaching Hashkafa for grades 10 and He grew up in Florida and was looking to make a difference in the world from an early age. His desire to have a larger impact on the world directed Rabbi Kaller to American University where he received his J.

Rabbi Kaller ran diverse programming at the Westmount Shul for the past two years, including programs for families, young professionals as well as a business mentorship program. She then moved to Waterbury, Connecticut where she taught Grades 1 and 2, while giving shiurim to the ladies of Connecticut for a couple years. Israel was Mrs. As well, she is involved with the Student Success Team and works closely with individual students to develop strategies for their success in learning.Recipes only.

Wed, Feb 19pm. Thu, Feb 20am. Children's Health. In the News. Recipes only Advanced Search. Wed, Feb 19pm How yeshivish is it? What type of girls go there? Back to top. Wed, Feb 19pm I went if that helps you But about 12 years ago. My sisters all went, and one of my sisters taught there right now she's not teaching but working in other capacities in the school.

It's a very large seminary with quite a mix of girls. And every year the demographics change a bit. I don't know what that means, and if it's true or not. I'm from an out of town community with no real Bais Yaakov But these days they do have a uniform somewhat vs when I was there only pleated skirts, button down shirts. The girls who go are probably drawn to the classes which advocate Torah learning as a priority in the home. The seminary is more intellectual than others, but the teachers have changed since I was there, so I can't say academically how hard it is.

They do have a good tutoring system in place. I went if that helps you But about 12 years ago. Wed, Feb 19pm I was there 7 years ago wow that long! I loved my year there.

Seminary and College Guidance

I hadnt heard of its jappy reputation Wed, Feb 19pm Right, it's large enough to find your group of friends -- it's the size of 2 other seminaries! The teachers are excellent, and despite it being a large school, you don't get lost in a crowd there.

Wed, Feb 19pm I have heard that in the last 3 years Bnos Chava has become less yeshivish which is what it was when I was in seminary. Wed, Feb 19pm From the girls I have known to go there, it doesn't seem drastically different than in my days. Every year is different though, but I don't think it's changed its tune that much for 3 years running.

I'm happy to discuss with my sister who works there, though, if OP wants more specific info. From the girls I have known to go there, it doesn't seem drastically different than in my days. Wed, Feb 19pm amother wrote:. I have heard that in the last 3 years Bnos Chava has become less yeshivish which is what it was when I was in seminary.

This is op Thanks for your help. Dd is at by OOT.

Elyon College, Inc

I'm not sure how yeshivish it is.Q: How does the seminary deal with Shabbosim and Yomim Tovim? A: As long as there are ten girls staying on grounds for Shabbos, the girls are allowed to stay. If not, the seminary has a placer, who can help find the girls meals for shabbos and for second day of Yom Tov. A: Yes, breakfast, lunch, and supper are provided daily.

A: There is a basic uniform: a collared shirt and pleated skirt. A: Every day's schedule is different. There are classes during the day, and then an afternoon break. There are some night classes. There are typical and warm Bais Yaakov girls there. Q: Is the seminary academic or more to the easier side? A: The classes are more textual based with Hashkafa added. You can do it, too!

Home Seminaries Contact Us. Q: Are meals provided? Q: Is there a uniform? Q: Where is the seminary located?

Q: What type of girls go to the seminary? A: Bnos Sarah has an academic style of teaching. Q: What is the style of teaching? Q: What is the curfew in the seminary? A: The curfew is at Q:Are there trips? A: There are different trips throughout the year.

Log in Log out Edit. Jimdo You can do it, too!Ok bnos chava! The school overall is a large school atleast girls. Really sorry about this but you keep on saying weather when you mean whether. Not to worry, people are actually reading it. Or at least I am. Weird college class. Is that for psychology or english? Who are you mesilos is the bestest? But Bnos Chava is the best and you find all types and choose your friends- its a big school.

It really is a great school. Everyone is nervous that it will be too hard for them before they go. But, you just do the best you can and learn tons- its not so hard! Good luck! Well if you allow yourself to let them do that, then that can be the case. You should come in well grounded knowing what you feel you personally need. Remember, it is a year for yourself so it will last, not so they can feel accomplished that they cookie cutted you at all. The work is not as bad as they make it sound, although don;t think there is no work at all.

Bnos Chava girls are generally more intellectual and worldly than girls in other seminaries, just as a general rule of thumb Post a Comment. AMMesilos is the bestestdeMento My biggst question is thier questions - how are th AM, what type of gpa's do most schools look for? Ateret Hullo everyone! I am amazed at how quickly Semina Okay, Sem Speeches with Teaches i love the rhym Hadar just in case Pnimim could we have a post abt seminary in general?

Bnos Sara Shoshanim Seminar arent we supposed to posting where we're applying Bnos Chava Mesilos Okay anonymous mentor: this post is for you. You asked for it so here it is: a blog where Hedv


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