Cannondale f si carbon 3 weight

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In summary, this is what cyclists think. Uniquely-forked, arse-kicking, ultralight XC racer but not for the faint-hearted or under-financed. The F-Si remains an impetuous and somewhat nervous bike in the fastest descents. It is good to be able to report that this stripped down version gives the same quick impression as its much more expensive brother… the wheels are a lot heavier and the fork less stiff… but this is hardly a hindrance.

cannondale f si carbon 3 weight

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BikeRide is reader-supported, and sometimes we receive commissions for links you click on. Read Privacy Policy. Facts Gender. MenWomen. Cross CountryMountain. Single-tined Lefty Ocho forks weighed only 51oz and handled large hits well.Cannondale has always been known for doing things differently, and their top-tier cross country hardtail is certainly no exception. The clue is in the name, as FSi stands for Flash System integration, meaning all the parts of the bike work in sync with one another.

Cannondale has achieved this by pushing the chainrings out by 6mm to stop the front mech hitting the tyre. To avoid this affecting the chainline, Cannondale has adjusted the dropouts so that the rear hub also sits 6mm to the right. The final piece in the puzzle is to spec a wheel with a different spoke offset, putting the rim back towards the centre of the frame.

It may sound complicated, but it basically means you get a stiffer rear end, whilst still having the option to run a front mech. Once out on the trail, this feathery weight translates into rapid acceleration, with a real feeling of speed and efficiency. We were worried the 9mm QR back-end could result in some loss of stiffness, but the mm chainstays and neutral dish on the rear wheel ensure none of your expended energy is going to waste.

This made a huge difference on steep climbs where the short rear-end helped maintain traction. It comes with a hydraulic lockout, but we found the fully locked out setting lacked a touch of finesse, being very firm.

The FSi comes with a narrow The 2. We also encountered some trouble setting up the front Magura brake with the SRAM shifter, as the shifter simply seemed too far away from our thumb when the levers were set up correctly. This may not be a problem for some, but many passionate cross country racers will know just how hard a season of racing can be, so having the option of reusing old parts can be a genuine lifesaver or, at least, a bikesaver.

Most cross country bikes of old were fast, but suffered badly from boring, uninspiring handling. Cannondale FSi Carbon 2 review. Latest deals. Cons: All those proprietary parts mean repairs could be costly. Skip to view product specifications. The Lefty fork is a head turner, but it does the job Steve Behr. The brake and shifter set-up required some attention Steve Behr. The CZero wheelset weighs in at a touch over g Steve Behr.

Race-ready with added fun factor Steve Behr. Joe Norledge. Daily Deals. Subscribe Now. You may also like. Mountain Bikes. Cannondale Scalpel Carbon Team review. Mondraker Foxy Carbon RR review.

Look Carbon — first ride review. Mondraker Dune Carbon XR review.The Cannondale F-Si Carbon 3's stealthy looks and impressive trail manners make it a great choice for anyone looking for a dust-busting hardtail.

Habit Carbon 3 | Trail Bikes | Cannondale

The rise of the lightweight full-suspension mountain bike - and gravel bike to a certain degree - has quickly placed the hardtail under threat. Fact is, there is something intrinsically pure about riding a hardtail mountain bike - perhaps it's the unsullied, feedback-rich riding experience or the lively trailside manners?

In recent years, the hardtail has become a far easier bike to live with and tame, boasting improved refinement levels thanks largely to contemporary frame design and advances in carbon fibre layering techniques.

cannondale f si carbon 3 weight

We've even seen a resurgence on the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup stage where certain professional riders are eschewing the full suspension in favour of a hardtail - track dependent, of course. Considered by many as the mountain bike trail mecca of the world, this would prove the ideal setting in which to test its mettle and put its trailside manners to the test. Onlookers will find it hard to tell it apart from the range-topping World Cup model such is its refinement and pomp - it really is an impressively designed machine.

We quite like the way Cannondale has played with the balance between gloss and matte paint surfaces - not only has this added a touch of complexity to the visual package, the subliminal monikers make it look more like bonafide trail weapon and less like a rolling billboard. In terms of geometry, the F-Si represents a bold move by Cannondale to make it more focussed and easier to tame on the trails than its predecessor. As such, it utilises a degree head angle complete with 55mm fork offsetshorter mm chainstays and an integrated seatpost binder which helps reduce trail chatter.

Those with a keen eye will also notice the revised frame design. Here thinner seatstays and tapered chainstays form part of Cannondale's 'Proportional Response' tubing philosophy - this blueprint has allowed Cannondale to keep the ride quality uniform across the sizing spectrum.

The Cannondale F-Si Carbon 3 pictured here is constructed from the brand's standard-modulus carbon fibre so while it's not as light as the g Hi-Mod World Cup frame it still weighs in at a paltry g. In terms of specification, there's an array of mouth-watering kit on display - most notable of which is Cannondale's new mm Lefty Ocho fork. Unlike the previous-generation Lefty 2. There's also a less-complicated cable-operated lockout system which trumps the hydraulic versions of old based purely on the ease of which it can be tuned and maintained.

Despite its positioning in the lower rungs of the carbon range, it still comes specced with a full SRAM Eagle groupset - in this instance, an assortment of NX cassette and GX derailleur, chain and shifter bits.

These parts - while heavier than their more expensive silver- gold- and oil-slick-coloured siblings - provide just as much precision and reliability on the trails. The total weight of this particular build is It's fast, no question. Whether it's hammering up a climb out of the saddle, cruising along gravel roads or sending it down hair-raising descents, the Cannondale F-Si is up for the task. Much of the bike's newfound trail prowess comes as a result of a complete design overhaul.

Using the contemporary long, low and slack geometry blueprint and combining it with the company's new carbon layup techniques - the F-Si has come out the other end a far more accomplished bike than before. The most notable improvement is without a doubt the ride quality.More significantly, the head angle has been relaxed to 69 degrees, making it one of the slackest in its category.

Use of a standard tapered steerer tube rather than the straight steerer and dual crowns of the Lefty 2. While the stem is a conventional for racers 90mm length, the carbon bar is a mm wide, but still flat, to keep hands low over the 29in front wheel.

It may not be the lightest off-the-peg racer you can buy, but, at 8. Power delivery is pretty direct, with just a small amount of softness compared to the most rigid rear ends.

A hard compression tune means the fork never feels buttery plush, but paired with a low-pressure 20psi front tyre it gives a smooth enough ride. The naturally progressive air spring takes big hits pretty well too. But once you learn to commit to the curve and trust the fork to keep tracking, you can carve descents with serious speed and commitment.

While the rear end skims the edges off the most abrupt slams, trying to push on through stutter bumps, root spreads or even lumpy grass is a staccato experience that can sap patience and power. Latest deals. Our review Uniquely-forked, arse-kicking ultralight XC racer but not for the faint-hearted or under-financed Buy if, You want a fast and ferocious XC racer.

Pros: Unique fork and wishlist kit spec make it a real head turner, seriously light yet stiff enough to track hard, well-controlled but lightweight fork, nicely balanced between max power delivery and reasonable punishment.

Cons: Unique features can create spares issues, high cost goes with the territory, not the lightest frame, fork or off-the-peg bike. Skip to view product specifications.

The conditions on course were… Cannondale. Guy Kesteven. Daily Deals. Subscribe Now. You may also like. Road Bikes.Based on your height, we suggest awhich works for heights ranging from to. A faster, better thru-axle. The slotted dropout design lets the axle stay in the hub for quicker, easier wheel changes. Compatible with standard x12 thru-axle hubs. Cannondale's premium high-strength, high-stiffness carbon construction.

Find a bike shop near me. F-Si Carbon 3. Size What's my size? Height. Check Retailers. In Stock at Check Other Retailers. Close Sizing Tell us how tall you are, we'll help you find the right size. Close Retailers Zip Code.

cannondale f si carbon 3 weight

Light, but it's no lightweight. A pure XC race mountain bike. Loaded with performance features that ensure victory, all while weighing next to nothing. An integrated wheel sensor delivers hyper accurate speed, route and distance info, registers your bike, reminds you of needed service and more, all through the free Cannondale App.

Flex zones and directional carbon layup allow the rear triangle and seat tube to absorb shock for better traction, higher speeds and minimized fatigue, whether seated or standing. Go faster longer. Chain Shimano SLX, speed. Rear Derailleur Shimano XT. Shifters Shimano SLX, speed. Front Hub Lefty Spokes DT Swiss Competition. Tire Size 2. Wheel Size Brakes Brake Levers Shimano Deore hydraulic disc.Based on your height, we suggest awhich works for heights ranging from to.

The head angle is slack, the stays are short and the seat angle is steep. Properly wide bars and properly short stems. Powerful brakes and dropper posts. Straightforward parts for straightforward performance. Designed to be a "daily ride", the Habit is built for easy service with proven, durable suspension pivots, tube-in-tube internal cable routing and no oddball proprietary stuff.

Utilizing size-specific Center-of-Gravity data, the suspension is custom designed for each frame size so that every rider, from the tallest to the smallest, experiences optimized suspension performance.

Our Ai Offset Drivetrain opens up the rear triangle for more tire clearance, while keeping the chainstays short for nimble agility. A stiffer, stronger rear wheel is just icing on the cake. A reversable chip allows riders to tweak the geometry - raise the BB and steepen the head angle of by half a degree - or to switch from 29 to 27 Plus wheels.

Thru-axle pivot system creates a rock-solid connection between both sides of the swingarm for instantaneous response. No twist, no flex and no special tools required. Weight: Find a bike shop near me.

Cannondale F-Si Hi-Mod World Cup review

Details In the Wild. Habit Carbon 3. Size What's my size? Height. Check Retailers. In Stock at Check Other Retailers. Close Sizing Geometry Sizing Tell us how tall you are, we'll help you find the right size.

Close Retailers Zip Code. Second nature. A trail bike with its priorities straight: progressive design, playful agility and killer capability — all in the name of fun. Easy to love More Info Designed to be a "daily ride", the Habit is built for easy service with proven, durable suspension pivots, tube-in-tube internal cable routing and no oddball proprietary stuff.

Riders come in all sizes.Learn more View 38 Images. This is a bike built for the privateer cross country or endurance racer. All of these pieces coming together make the F-Si a great cross-country race bike.

Plenty of power transfers through the pedals for powerful sprints and fast climbs. Coming from the downhill and enduro world, I was impressed by the responsive cornering, and ability to get back onto the power and sprint from one section to the next.

The new Lefty Ocho fork was excellent. Once I was on the trail, I simply forget that I left half the fork at home. The Carbon 2 is a race bike built the way I would build it.

Since its introduction inthe single-sided, double crown, Lefty fork was the standout feature of many Cannondale mountain bikes. For model yearCannondale has introduced its most significant overhaul of the Lefty yet. The Lefty Ocho features a single crown design, for a claimed gram weight reduction compared to the previous Lefty.

We pulled the Lefty Ocho Alloy off our test bike, put it on the scale. Coming in at grams with remotethe Ocho Alloy is respectable. Besides the single-leg design, the other signature feature of the Lefty are the needle bearings that the lower leg rolls on as it moves in and out of the upper leg a standard two-leg mountain bike fork slides on circular bushings.

Lefty stem options had been limited, but the Ocho has a standard 1. The air-spring's filler valve is positioned for easier filling, and a bypass dimple inside the air pring allows the negative spring to set itself automatically based on positive-spring pressure.

The IFP independent floating piston damper is new as well, and claimed to offer more consistent damping. Overall, I was quite impressed with the new Lefty Ocho.


It is a significant improvement over the Lefty 2. And plenty stiff too. Riders who have never ridden a Lefty may worry about flex or wandering, but those worries are unjustified. You can rip on a Lefty. But will you feel a major difference on the trail between the Lefty and a standard fork?


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