Gm drac wiring

Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how! Send Private Topic View Profile. Execution time: 0. All times are GMT Pacific. Current time is AM Top. Attach Photos to Posts. Contact Us. My Cookies. Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. Does anyone have more information on how this may work? And where is the DRAC?

On your '95 you should be able to just gently gently! Hopefully the DRAC will be in a similar location as the 'down. It's encased in a white plastic box about 3" square with a harness plugged into it, and may be either velcro'd or held into the lower dash wiring conduit wtih some plastic "rivets. I did not write the following guide and take zero credit for it; I found it on fullsizechevy years ago and the most important part, the DRAC configuration table, was missing!

The link was dead. I scoured the net for it several times until I finally found it, put everything together and hosted it on my web space. Hang on a few minutes and let me straighten the link out and I'll edit this post with it.

It would be my bet though I haven't had to look that the OBD-2 'up has a totally different setup. At any rate now that it's clear as mud, you can skip all the stuff in the guide about cutting wiring harnesses, adding the DRAC, etc.

Edit - here we go; www. Ignore all the stuff about the wiring changes, buying the speedo cluster, etc. I've seen some reports in the past that they thought the info in the table was backwards, so use at your own risk. Best thing to do is take a picture or write down the original jumper settings on your DRAC so you can easily set the switches to that if you have any trouble getting it changed.

I'll be changing two of mine in the very near future and verifying them with my GPS so I'll be able to help more on this subject very soon.Register or Log In To remove these advertisements.

gm drac wiring

Web chevytrucks. Anyone done this upgrade? I installed a motor and transmission from a 93 Roadmaster in my son's 86, now I am trying to get the speedometer from a 91 suburban to work. I don't know which wire should run to the speedo from the ECM or if I need new connector? I somehow lost my wiring diagram too HERE is a link to the swap.

Find More Posts by mcbassin. Here is a picture of the cluster that I am using:. I went back through all my old emails from this account and found the diagrams. Still not sure what all needs to be connected for the speedo to work? It looks to me like B3 is the speed sensor itself. The other wires look to be shared so they will be ground power and possible for the dash light.

We specialize in custom exhaust on both modern and classic vehicles. We are a full service auto shop from classics to modern vehicles. Feel free to contact me with questions. Attached Images. Originally Posted by cableguy0. Last edited by mcbassin; at AM.

I am thinking the speed sensor signal is used for other stuff besides the speedometer. It would certainly be needed for the transmission, and possibly also for some of the engine control functions. My guess is that the signal goes to the computer first, and the computer outputs a signal to the speedo.

At the very least, you would need some kind of calibration unit between the speedo and the VSS even if nothing else were connected. Well, I take some of that back. You said R4, so no electronics there, assuming this is the transmission that came with the 93 engine, and I honestly don't know if the TBI needs a road speed signal. However, the speedo still a calibration circuit if it is to work from the raw VSS output.

The ECM appears to control the torque converter lockup, so this makes sense. The part that is puzzling me is that there doesn't seem to be any output from the ECM to the speedo. So if you connect the VSS signal directly to the speedo, where is the calibration circuit? Found it finally. If you trace the wire from A10, it goes to the "VSS buffer module".

I'll bet money that's where the speedo signal comes off. Now your only problem is to find the VSS buffer module. Last edited by raycow; at AM.

Originally Posted by raycow.Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how! Send Private Topic View Profile. One of the yellow wires momentarily came one with key and went out, no others did so I assumed it is check eng light, hooked it to an LED. JPG Execution time: 0. All times are GMT Pacific.

gm drac wiring

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gm drac wiring

Username Post: Guage wiring guru help please All 89 parts to include wiring harness and steering column The guage are Autometer with electric speedometer I've had no problems making everything work except the Autometer speedometer I still need to verify the vss is working.

I have cut the guage cluster connector off and tied in the wires I needed for oil pressure, water temp, battery, and fuel and they all work as should be My questions: I need assistance with what wires should be tied together for the RWAL to work properly?

And is there a need for a out from the Autometer guage there is an out on the guage if needed to the ecm for it to sense speed? I'm a very experienced mechanic, good at troubleshooting and reading diagrams and schematics, but I'm confused as what I see in the schematics and what I read Yes you can scrap the RWAL and the light won't even be on when it's unplugged. I used a Wilwood adjustable proportioning valve.

This is an old picture. Those stray wires and ratty looking steering shaft are long gone. The DRAC conditions the alternating currant signal from the vehicle speed sensor to a square wave signal so it can be used by the vehicle electronics. The DRAC also compensates for axle and tire size variations so the speed signal is accurate.

Give this thread a quick read because it may answer many questions you have. If your vehicle has been altered from stock, let us know about that too. But your explanation is far more thorough than what I could have come up with! My assumptions: According to what was said above, I can use the stock vss and the speedo will work. Are my assumptions correct? I can't fix a computer on the side of the road If there is no VSS signal present, it will set a trouble code.

I looked over the download on Autometer website, and it states that most VSS signals can be adapted for use in the speedometer, which means GM is in that club.Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Oct 4, I have an suburban, need a digital ratio adapter for speedometer part Anyone know where I could get one?

Joined Dec 14, Did you ask your locale dealer to run it on the locator to see there was any out there some place. Thanks, site came up blank. Joined Feb 20, I have about a dozen of them. Whenever I see one in the junkyard, I compulsively grab it. Did your old one break, are you changing tire sizes or gears? It'll have one bank of wire jumpers at the bottom of the board.

If it has 2 banks of jumpers, it's the one for the 4L60E and I can't confirm whether it'll work or not. I'm assuming you found the one in your Suburban. If not, pull the trim panel below the steering column, and reach to the right, it's clipped to the inside of the dash and takes 10 seconds to remove.

Discontinued part- DRAC module

I'm sorry the site didn't help just looked I have a couple others that you can try. Joined Oct 17, Candland I have a Suburban and also need a Drac Module You mention that you have some modules. Do you happen to have this part number? If so, how would I go about acquiring one? Crawdaddy said:. There should be a 3-letter code on the label on the top of the DRAC module, what's that code?

I'll check to see if I have one. If I don't, using your original for reference, you just adjust the jumpers on the new one to match your old one and It'll reflect the right number of pulses. If you're interested in one of mine, we can figure out a price and shipping via PM. There is also a number below this that is 36AGG X I am not sure this number is helpful or not but thought I would pass it along in case it is. I looked at all the modules I have, and no AGG. Luckily, that code only reflects what ratio it creates, which is changeable through some wire jumpers on the board.

If you take a pic of the jummpers at the edge of the board opposite the big connectors, I can duplicate the jumper configuration and it will be the same ratio.

It's small and light, so it should go through the smallest USPS flat rate box with no problem. Candland That sounds good. How should we go about doing this?I stole this information from Dave W. So here is the result. Information regarding the swap. Does anyone know how the shift light works on a manaul from pin A7 to E2 ? Is it set to come on at certain RPM? Would this swap be very similer if you used the PCM. I had forgot about this, harness was done months ago, going in truck Thursday so I have time to wire this in!

What bin would you start with on and th trans and gears when doing this swap. Might try this, and just uncheck TCC only. But you would need to set up something for the kickdown. I think dave w had something figured out in the. Try a search. Should have a answer in a couple weeks. I would test it if I had a way.

What does the switch put through on this wire? I don't know but I have one that works and shows when in use in adx on my LT1. Got the new book in today, and F8 is the correct pin for the power steering switch. Also, fount out that B1 is for the DIS system used with the 2. Anyone ever find the VATS pin? Sounds like that book has some good info in it. It there anything in there that could make sense of this trans datastream portion of the hac? I've woundered about those too.

Modified GM DRAC – To Adjust for Different Tires / Gear Ratios – TBI

Here's what I've got so far:. Looks like that transmission code was also used in a diesel application. Im my LT1 it is simalar to these PCM that it has engine data and transmission data although I have them in same adx, need to change connection and montitor. Transmission data also shows some engine data and all error codes. Also, found out that B1 is for the DIS system used with the 2. So when is the DIS hac coming out for V8?

In these cases ASDF is not implemented during most operating conditions. It's noteworthy that GM resorted to hardware solution in I'd love to have more time to investigate the hardware relationship between the 1X input pin, memcal configuration, and limp mode fueling. The list of unused pins has been pretty consistent in all of the models I've looked at. Checking multpile vehicles to see if this list can be shortened might be a worthwhile approach.

Gbody LS Swap Wiring Explanation

I've been beating my head against a wall because my IAC isn't working right. Because I don't have the wire hooked up, because it was not on the sheet. It was not grounded so it thought it was in drive and would not do the pintle thing. Also, the two factory diagrams I have show both VSS and trans speed signals connected to the pcm in manual trans applications.

The ' does not use a nuetral safety switch input. What it does use is the gear select inputs to determine what gear the trans shifter is in. Previous post edited for clarity.Register or Log In To remove these advertisements.

Web chevytrucks. I am swaping tbi and the dash from a 93 burb in to my 65 truck. I have looked and the wires on my drac do not match any scematic i have seen. Maybe even a burb specifical diagram? You listed them in reverse order of what I already have a write up about so look at the bottom list which is in your order. If it is modified from what came stock from the factory, let us know that too. Attached Images. Originally Posted by ChevyTech. Originally Posted by BigrobDog.

gm drac wiring

All times are GMT The time now is AM. Contact Us - chevytrucks. Drac wiring! User Name. Remember Me? Site Merchandise FAQ. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Find More Posts by 65Guy. Re: Drac wiring! Find More Posts by tommie. Find More Posts by ChevyTech. OK thanks for the clairification!Email Form. We will need your application, the 3 or 4 digit Broadcase code as well as GM Part number off your current module to verify this is what you need.

We offer working solutions to OE application modules due to these modules no longer being supported or available from GM over the counter for most applications. Finding the correct direct replacement module is very difficult in the used market, say at the salvage yard or online and you don't know what you're getting.

Rely up on UD Module for the known-good tested and verified solution. This is intended to be a replacement module to replace your failed factory module. Please be prepared that We Require both the broadcast code big letters and the part number number under big letters for an order, but can do on either.

So you'll need to have the info off the old module typically removed. Select this module for speedometer calibration when tire size and or rear end gear ratios have changed from factory.

Modified GM VSSB – To Adjust for Different Tires / Gear Ratios – TBI

We can calibrate for gear ratio or tire size combinations with great granularity with factory quality. In preparation for ordering We need to know your gear ratio and tire size, additionally we will need to know the what module you have now remove it to provide broadcast code big letters and part number number under big letters.

OE Replacements are available for factory gear and tire combinations. Select our services if you've swapped tire sizes with factory gears, or swapped gear and tires, we calibrate to match OEM speedometer and ecm needs.

Select this module for a user-calibratable module equipped with DIP Switches. This is for when you want to keep your OE module and calibrate it for yourself for your own custom application.

This module undergoes the same testing and verification as our other service modules. Calibration is based on your own math and calculations for your gear ratio and tire size. This module carries no support. Select this module for a situation where you need a replacement refurbished module either OE or Custom Calibrated that includes our troubleshooting service in one purchase. This module option consists of the same refurbished module as above but with the Paid Troubleshooting service, default module wiring diagrams in print are included with this unit and it's more economical to purchase verses the module then the service separately.

Service is in the form of email guidance through explanation of how the system works, wiring diagrams, pinouts, and test procedures for the module and various systems it operates tailored to your exact vehicle application.

Includes up to 20 email responses and is based on a per incident per perchase limitation that is effective for Days after purchase. Must own or purchase from us a Digital Multimeter for test procedures.

Paid consulting services for wiring and adaptation expertise. Flat rate default service offering, whereby you can ask technical questions saving hours and days of your own research. This service is relied upon when one of these units is being used in a non-original application state. Excludes UD Module proprietary information.


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