Old snow plow trucks

Soon the familiar sound of the grader laboring to get up our steep hill set the seed for what is in store for today. This model was first introduced in The location of the engine helped with the traction needed to push both a city street plow along with the grader blade and provided space for it in the middle of the machine. The driver had to know how to double clutch to shift, probably had to deal with high-effort steering, and he also had to adjust the height of the plow blade with the large hand wheel visible inside the cab when necessary.

It appears the grader blade operator used both of the extra-large hand wheels in the center compartment to change the height and angle of the grader blade. The first one I ran had a 6 cyl. It had wooden spoke wheels and a Climax engine if I remember right. The cab was partially made of wood. I have no idea what year the machine was made.

Used to run around 80 gal of gasoline a day. I wish they had preserved this old work-horse machine! It was for the Chippewa Co.

Road Commission in Rudyard Mi. I retired from there in with 19 years. I think they retired this machine about 10 yr. Not used enough to buy new ones. That typeintro.

New and used Snow Plow & Sander Trucks for sale

They used Waukesha 4 cyl. Hi Park, you may be right. Actually, old photos of snow removal are region specific. Many business establishments have pictures on the wall depicting the huge snows that used to inundate the area. Sometimes, there was so much snow, there was no place to put it, and streets were just big piles of snow. One piece that blew me a way, was at the Houghton Co.West Coast Classics are proud to present an absolutely exceptional example of this apparently unrestored original southern California example and extraordinarily well preserved Willys Jeep CJ2A in traditional US Military colors Around 29, jeeps were made specifically for foreign military service during the Cold War and this is one of them.

I bought it from a company Recent Arrival! Selling our trusted Jeep Wrangler plow truck, we've used it to plow our lot for some time now and it's never let us down. Must see And drive. Winter isn't far off, this little plower is perfect and won't break the bank, included is a snow way poly plow4-cyl 5-speed, new tires, 4x4 works great!

A variety of enhancements makes it better all the way around, including improved performance The Jeep Wrangler has long been known for its off-road capabilities and this model doesn't disappoint. A variety of enhancements Laredo Black gray inter 4 doors auto 6 cylinder 4. Meyers snow plow 4X4 4 inch rough country lift kit, new plow blade ,rebuilt pump,axels and wheel bearings changed,new brakes,brake lines,rotors power windows dr New tires, Gold Anodized wheels, clean Black leather Interior I am listing this Jeep for a friend.

It has a Buick V6, with an Automatic transmission. New studded snow tires with very little use.

old snow plow trucks

Introduced more than a decade ago and redesigned five years ago, it lacks the refinement found in the latest wave of SUVs. Yet our Grand Cherokee What a beauty! Call or stop by Sort By. Date recent Price highest first Price lowest first. Jeep with snow plow - Used Cars.

Sort by Date recent Price highest first Price lowest first.

old snow plow trucks

On page 20 40 Torrance, CA. Make offer. Cadillac, MI. Greenville, PA.The U. Chamber of Commerce shared its insight on the Paycheck Protection Program. Click here to learn more.

Log in or Sign up. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is effective from January 27, until the end of this year. Value of a used snow plow Discussion in ' Fisher Engineering Discussion ' started by jjcapJul 1, Messages: I am selling one of my trucks that has a Fisher 8' HD plow. It is nine years old with moderate use. No problems with it, just don't need two trucks anymore. What is the plow worth as added on to the truck value?

Messages: 1, In MA and RI it kinda hurts the value of the truck. But it also depends on the truck. It will really hurt it on a But if you have it on a 1 ton set up with a Diesel then it really doesnt hurt the value of truck and you can actually get extra loot for it. Also reg cab and Quad cab come into play.

So please list the truck and you can get better anwers. Last edited: Jul 1, BigDaveJul 1, I never sell trucks with the plows on. Take it off, be honest that the truck was used to plow but list the plow seperate. Always works out for me. FlipperJul 1, Thanks for the info everyone.

The person interested in the truck knows I used it for plowing also and wants the plow also. Again thanks for the info. FlipperJul 2, ColumbiaLandJul 3, Messages: 7, I think it's worth at least a grand, considering it's already on the truck and the buyer can see that everything functions properly.

Vintage Walter Plow-Grader Trucks and Plowing Film Clips

If it's in decent shape, honestly it's probably worth closer to 2 grand. BigDaveJul 4, He said the guy wants the truck and plow.

It's worth something. It would cost the guy at least a grand to put a plow on different truck.For homeowners with SUVs or light pickup who want to stay warm and dry while clearing a long driveway or small lot, the Path Pro 2 plow is the right choice for you. Take charge of clearing snow from tight spots like narrow driveways and alleys. The Meyer Drive Pro is an easy-to-use, fully functional steel snow plow operated from the comfort of your SUV or light-duty pickup.

It also features industry-leading ground clearance. Perfect for contractor use. It features the tallest and most aggressive bottom-trip, contractor-class moldboard on the market. Introducing Meyer Super Blade, an automatically adjustable commercial-grade plow. All moldboards are inches-high and designed for municipalities and larger contractors. Great for clearing side streets, parking lots and cul-de-sacs.

The biggest and toughest snow plow in the Meyer line. Path Pro 2 For homeowners with SUVs or light pickup who want to stay warm and dry while clearing a long driveway or small lot, the Path Pro 2 plow is the right choice for you. Road Pro Series 9, — 26, lb. GVW Trucks All moldboards are inches-high and designed for municipalities and larger contractors.

Road Pro Series 26, - 33, lb.The U. Chamber of Commerce shared its insight on the Paycheck Protection Program. Click here to learn more. Dismiss Notice Cheap plow truck for sale. Log in or Sign up. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is effective from January 27, until the end of this year.

Cheap plow truck for sale. Messages: 2, Everything works great. New tires. Refurbished Western Pro snow plow with newer hoses, cutting edge, etc. Truck has rusty cab corners and rockers. First come first serve. Cash only, clean title in hand. Messages: I have a guy coming to look at it later on today so I'll let you know. It will make it to MI. Miles are k with a supposed Jasper motor at one time but I can't confirm that. Ha, I've been watching that one on CL.

old snow plow trucks

It looks like I lost a suit against me and will be paying a bunch of money and might need to sell my truck, so I've been looking for something cheap. Messages: 2. Let me know if it sells, I'm interested in the whole set up. Sorry for the delay guys. It's still here for now, but with lots of interest. Fordboy PM'd and wanted to see interior pics so I figured I'd post them for everyone to see.

The drivers door panel was missing and the window didn't work. I used stuff out of a parts truck to fix it and the panel is from it a 95 so it didn't match up right to the handle and switches.Skip to main content Snow Plow Trucks. Only 9 left in stock - order soon.

1938 Oshkosh plowing snow part 1

Great truck but plower disattaches every time my son plays with it. We end up just hiding it from him. Save money and buy truck without snowplower. Add to cart. In Stock. My son had been asking for a snowplow for over a year. He loves to watch them every year clear the driveway and roads. So we did some searching, thinking we would never find a snowplow for him.

Then we found this one. We ordered it for his birthday, and he loved it! We took it outside and filled it with salt to try it out. Unfortunately, the salt doesn't stay in.

Snow Plow Trucks for Sale Near Me By Owner

It spilled over the porch. But that didn't stop him! He's played with it for 6 months, then it finally snowed. It works great outside too! My problem is that he pushes too hard on the top, making the plow not work right and fall off. We ended up zip tied the plow to the front, which really helped!

All in all, we really love My son loves Bruder trucks and the snow plow did not disappoint. Bruder makes a quality product with moving parts that mimic life size trucks. Only 19 left in stock more on the way.

It's not snowy here yet and I gave it to him early but he loves that he can open up the salt area on the back. He likes hiding smaller today in there for the time being.

He calls it hos good guy truck and uses the plow to push the bad guys out of the way. This is super fun and feels really durable. Only 15 left in stock - order soon. This took forever to get here it comes from Englandand I was not happy all the snow was gone, but Grandson reminded me plows are good for logs, rocks, dirt, smaller cars, American Girl dolls and all manner of things I hadn't thought of.

A great addition to his Bruder Collection. Order by Thanksgiving to be of use in the winter snow!! It also has a functioning sun roof" - by Jenn. The only thing my son asked for for Christmas was a truck that had all 4 doors that opened. Finally a truck that fits the bill! He will absolutely love it. It also has a functioning sun roof! Top quality! Only 3 left in stock - order soon.

This is an amazing truck but unfortunately it did not survive my 4 year old, which was our fear.This is the second in a series of interesting photos showing vehicles used for snow removal between the years of and After researching the subject it was found that keeping the streets and roads open was a major problem for towns, cities and states up until around the mids.

At that point, heavy-duty machines were beginning to be produced that were able to deal with most of it. If the snow was allowed to pile up, the limited horsepower that early trucks, tractors, and crawlers had, was not enough to push through a heavy accumulation.

Up until the s and on through the Great Depression, some hand shoveling continued and was assisted by machinery. In the first part of this coverage, you can learn more about some of the early methods and machines used on up until the mid-teens.

Since the electrically-powered streetcar came on the scene in the late s and became powerful and reliable enough to clear its own way, it was equipped with a front-mounted plow. If the streetcars were kept running through a storm, in most instances the vehicles could keep the tracks clear.

With the use of a wing plow, the vehicles could keep the width of a city street clear. The streetcar fitted with such a plow above is seen clearing snow on Berkeley Street in Boston, Massachusetts on March 2, By the mid-teens, the heavy duty truck had been developed enough so that it was capable of keeping up with a big storm if the operation was repeated and the snow was not allowed to build up.

In the photo, it is hauling away hand shoveled snow. The Automotive Industries February 3, issue pictured one of the early conveyer systems in New York City that was used for loading snow into trucks. This self-propelled unit with a full-width conveyer could feed itself, but often the snow and ice was broken up and piled or shoveled into them by laborers.

This machine invented by Dr. Samuel Friedman would fill the ten cubic yard top compartment with snow. When it was full, a door on either side could be opened, and the snow would fall into a waiting truck and be hauled away. Oddly it is equipped with acetylene headlamps at this late date. Indiana manufactured the trucks between and when it became a subsidiary of the White Truck Company.

Production continued under the Indiana name until The late s photo above shows how many cities dealt with snow that built up at the curb after being plowed by heavy equipment. Some large cities like New York that had large-sized sewage tunnels with an adequate flow would dump the snow into them to save on trucking. This huge Oshkosh four-wheel drive truck is also pictured in the lead photo at the top of the post, shows how far the truck had been developed by that time.

This unit had enough power and stamina to push the large V-shaped plow and is also equipped with wing plows for pushing back the snow banks. It continued to be used on Oregon highways for two more decades. The three front mounted augers moved and pushed the snow back into a blower that discharged it into an incomplete rectangular chute visible just in front of the right front fender.

These snow blowers took quite a bit of horsepower to run, and a separate rear-mounted engine powered the unit.


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