Springfield 1911 mil spec stainless review

Without a doubt, the is one of the most recognizable handguns on the planet. In Marchhowever, the fate of this latest design by John Moses Browning was very much undecided. US pistol trials had been underway sinceand many companies had already fallen out of the running. The field of contenders was growing small, but it also grew more fierce the smaller it became. Colt and Savage had emerged as the top two companies with designs that were seriously being considered for adoption.

For the final trial, each company submitted a gun for a 6,round torture test conducted over a 12 hour period. Colt selected serial number 5, fired by E. Reising; Savage selected serial number 4 fired by Charles Nelson. Each shooter was instructed to follow a protocol incorporating a five-minute cooling period after each round stage, and a thorough cleaning and oiling after each 1,round mark. When the dust settled, Colt appeared to be victorious, having suffered far fewer mishaps than Savage.

The final verdict, though, would not arrive until the end of the month. On March 29,Lt. John T. Fittingly, the Colt bearing serial number 5 is in the permanent collection of the Springfield Armory National Historic Site.

Springfield 1911 Series Pistol Review

While the design has remained relatively unchanged, one of the most beloved versions of the gun is the MA1. The Mil-Spec from Springfield Armory has a carbon steel frame and slide and a 5-inch Match Grade stainless steel barrel. All of those parts are fully forged, not cast, for the highest degree of durability. The slide has slanted serrations and the mainspring housing is the original arched style found on GI issue A1s.

The pistol also features fixed 3-dot sights, lowered and flared ejection port, and single-sided thumb safety. Each Mil-Spec comes with fully-checkered wood grips, has a Parkerized finish to combat corrosion, and comes with one 7-round magazine.

His ability to present history and research in an engaging manner has made him a sought after consultant, writer, and museum professional. The ease with which he can recall obscure historical facts and figures makes him very good at Jeopardy! Keep Me Posted. I want to sign up for specials news and offers. August 21, Logan T. Read More April 8, An Unexpected Colt Mustang. April 7, April 3, April 2, Essential Business and Winning the Fight.Ever since then, Springfield has been one of the major distributors of s in the world.

As the 20 th century was winding down, the U. Government decided to phase out the and replace it with the Beretta M9. Nonetheless, the former still had such a strong following that many users refused to switch. InSpringfield Armory unleashed what is arguably the most unique on the market. However, with all of the positive changes and great reviews of this gun, there is a major concern that I must warn you about. Unfortunately, Springfield left the grip of this gun naked and it can cause a lot of control issues.

Nonetheless, they cut down on the grip circumference and packed in a sleek single stack mag. This full-size is the most classic in Springfield series. Crafted from highly durable stainless steel, I recommend this model for those looking for a traditionally-built Nevertheless, this powerhouse. While staying true to the original GI model, Springfield added a few crucial adaptations, including a lowered and flared ejection port and a beveled magazine well.

Built with competition shooters in mind, SA outfitted these semi-autos with top-notch frames, slides, and barrels. Some of the notable upgrades to the Range Officer include a fully supported ramp, a shielded fiber optic tube front sighta Parkerized finishand an accessory rail. The compact Range Officer makes for a great daily carry weapon, especially considering its ultra-durable Parkerized finish and low profile combat sights. Besides for its unique color scheme, the Loaded stands out due to its modern G10 grip.

Springfield Loaded 1911-A1 .45 ACP Pistol Review

This new and improved grip might actually be the best grip out of all the Springfield s. This model has risen in popularity partly because Springfield incorporated an extended ambidextrous thumb safety, accessory rail, and an extended trigger.

While not much different than your standard SAthis version is built-to-last. Its highly-durable and reliable design can be seen on the G10 grips, national match stainless steel frame, slide, barrel and bushing, and its Armory Kote finish. Additionally, Springfield designed this gun to be used in high-stress situations — therefore, they outfitted the TRP with an extended beveled mag, checkered front strap, smooth 4. I can see this working best as a hunting companion or as a personal safety weapon to keep in your car, truck, or boat.

SA just announced a major update to their already impressive collection of s, this time with an upgrade to the TRP model. Springfield has managed to revolutionize the grip system which is especially crucial for a crushing caliber like 10mm. This new semi-auto offers increased power and several useful upgrades.

I love the new features and the performance boost they bring.Springfield Armory knows how to make a The abbreviation is obvious enough. Springfield had been making a G. The G.

springfield 1911 mil spec stainless review

The pistol was popular with many people who wanted a with that look. Reenactors loved the gun. Colt made some s that fit the bill—if you have money to burn. The Springfield G. But they stopped making them.

Springfield Armory pulled the G. Now the Mil Spec is the bottom rung of the Springfield Armory ladder and it is not, strictly speaking, a mid century A1. While it shares some of the features of the WWII era guns, it has diagonal slide serrations, a polished feed ramp, a beveled magazine well, and three-dot sights. The ejection port is lowered and flared. And it lacks the firing pin block of the series 80 Colt s. So that must be what they mean by Mil Spec. Maybe this is the gun for those nostalgic for their late 70s military service.

I was still a Boy Scout when Beretta ousted the It feels like an old fashioned. The most noticeable difference would be the arched mainspring housing and the slim dimensions of the grip safety. But the finish is durable and looks good on the gun. I like beaver-tails.The forged stainless steel frame and slide are left matte on the rounds and polished on the flats for a uniquely appealing effect either on the belt or in the hand. A stainless steel 5" match grade barrel lets this classic G.

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Prevent child access by always keeping guns locked away and unloaded when not in use. If you keep a loaded firearm where a child obtains and improperly uses it, you may be fined or sent to prison. Please ensure you are up-to-date on all current legal terms regarding your purchase. Rifles Handguns. Exceptional rifles at exceptional prices. Ideal for home protection and personal defense, the SAINT Pistol gives you the performance you expect at an affordable price.Springfield Armory and I go back a long way.

I replaced the miniscule sights with ones I could actually see, then spent the next 15 years or so trying to wear the gun out or make it fail to feed, fire or eject.

It was a workhorse, an absolutely reliable companion.

Springfield Armory Mil-Spec 1911 - 3,300-Round Ramblings, Review, and Pics

The clearly has a strong tradition as a military pistol due these very characteristics, but in its enhanced versions, it can also serve capably as a specialized LE tactical pistol.

The low-profile, Novak-style rear sight is snag-free and adjustable for windage. It has tritium inserts for low-light situations. This pistol features a 5-inch, stainless steel barrel, forged frame and slide precision-fittedfront and rear cocking serrations, and a flat mainspring housing.

The grip panels are very attractive cocobolo hardwood, nicely checkered and bearing the Springfield Crossed Cannons emblem.

The ejection port is lowered and flared, and the magazine well is very slightly beveled. The long, aluminum, match-grade trigger is advertised as breaking at 5 to 6 pounds. Mine broke at 5. After a few hundred rounds and a thorough cleaning, the trigger got even better, dropping the hammer at exactly 4.

It has stayed at that weight ever since. The ambidextrous thumb safety is slightly elongated and serrated. The recoil system uses a two-piece guide rod—something with which I had no experience, and something I thought might take some getting used to. While John Browning did not design the with a full-length guide rod, folks have been experimenting with it and arguing hotly about its advantages and disadvantages for some time now. With the introduction of the two-piece rod, there is even more to argue about.

A full-length guide rod may aid in accuracy and smoothness of function, as some competitive shooters believe. But it also makes disassembly and reassembly a little more complicated. A two-piece full-length guide rod is a bit easier, but it requires an Allen wrench.

springfield 1911 mil spec stainless review

In fact, all three guide rod systems including the traditional GI seem to work just fine, and each has its adherents and detractors. Once I got used to it, I found the two-piece system easy to work with.

There were also a couple of keys for the Internal Locking System which is designed to lock the action of the pistol so that it cannot be firedone Allen wrench for taking out the two-piece guide rod, and another smaller Allen wrench for adjusting the sights. Mine needed no adjustment at all. Finally, there was a curious little L-shaped tool for removing the mainspring housing in case one should desire to do so.

This is a big, beefy handgun weighing exactly 40 ounces with an empty magazine inserted. The lightweight aluminum trigger broke crisply at 4. My range time with the new Springfield was spread over several days and eventually gobbled up about rounds of ammunition of various types and from several different manufacturers.

Still, it offered a good opportunity to give the gun an initial test. Someone with younger eyes might have no problem with this, but I like seeing a little more daylight around the front sight. The gun ran reliably after an initial break-in period of rounds, plus a thorough cleaning.

After that, I went through another plus rounds from various manufacturers and the pistol showed no flaws. Recoil was negligible, as one would expect for a full-sized The smooth, rounded contours, the beavertail safety, and the delta hammer all combined to make an extended range session pleasant and comfortable. This is a very tight gun, with no sloppiness or play anywhere in the slide-to-frame fit, and it is also buttery smooth.Much like a young cigar aficionado who can't appreciate an expensive Davidoff, I just didn't understand why handguns were so popular.

Now I carry a Wilson Combat and haven't looked back. But there's something to be said for the original, the A1, and for those looking to own a modern manufactured version of that historic handgun, Springfield offers their A1 GI model that can be bought for less than the price of a GLOCK But even at that price, is it worth the money?

The Springfield A1 Mil-Spec would, one would think, be a straight reproduction of the iconic A1 handgun as issued to the troops. But you'd be wrong. Are a shorter hammer spur and the elimination of the "double diamond" pattern in the grips, but both features are present in Springfield's A1 handgun.

Springfield has even gone further, adding their logo into the cocobolo wood grips and emblazoning it on the side of the gun. Not that I'm complaining -- I think it looks smashing -- but purists will notice the difference. On the original MA1 the serrations were vertical at a 90 degree angle from the slide, but on the A1 they're tilted slightly forward. And on the ejection port there's a relief cut to allow for better ejection of the spent casings that didn't exist in These are features that are common to the newer Springfield handguns, such as the TRP and the Range Officer, so it makes sense from a manufacturing point of view to re-use the same slides from those guns on this model too, but it's not historically accurate.

I know we're nit-picking here, but in a world where gun companies proclaim the release of a "new gun" for more minor changes it makes a difference.

The barrel and barrel bushing are a shiny stainless steel instead of the customary blued steel. I don't really have a problem with it, I just wanted an excuse to slide that picture in the review. There are some parkerizations that pretty much suck, but this one doesn't.

Just holding it in your hands feels really, really nice. No matter what you feed it, be it brand new Winchester ammunition or remanufactured Freedom Munitions rounds, the gun keeps shooting. The gun's ability to function under adverse conditions is one of the reasons that it's still in service today, so I wouldn't expect anything less. The break is as crisp and clean as an Irish spring morning or at least what my soap leads me to believe an Irish spring morning would be like with no creep and no roll whatsoever.

There's about a quarter inch of prepping to do where there's practically no resistance and a slippery smooth feel, and then an eighth of an inch of overtravel. The reset is short and then you're back in business. The only complaint I have is that the trigger feels very heavy to me, but then again I'm used to dangerously light competition triggers. Nevertheless, even with the WWII style sights, the gun is dead-nuts accurate.

I take full responsibility for the fliers high and left, but take those away and you still have a 1-inch five round group from 15 yards. Considering the bullets themselves are about a half an inch wide that's very impressive from a relatively inexpensive handgun. Every other handgun Springfield makes comes with a beavertail grip safety, and there's a damn good reason: the A1 grip safety hurts. It's way too short, and for those of us with big hands it puts nearly all of the force from the recoil of the gun into a very small space on the webbing of your hand.

By the end of the first 50 rounds I looked down and my hand was visibly bleeding thanks to the grip safety. While I understand that for this to be a "true" A1 it needed a thin grip safety, but with Springfield changing so many other details on this gun I feel like this one has been overlooked. Then again, it's a brilliant strategy if their goal is to get people to realize how crappy the original grip safety is and upgrade to a "Loaded" or TRP model.

Springfield Armory 1911 Mil-Spec Defender Review

It's accurate, it has a good trigger, and most importantly it runs. But even as-is, it's not half bad. And especially given the price, it's not a bad choice for new shooters either. The sights on the gun are the old WWII-era sights, meaning that the front sight is permanently embedded in the slide and the notch for the rear sight won't give you many options.My corporate bonus was extra generous this year, Christmas is coming, and my birthday is coming as well.

There was one Mil-Spec Defender left in stock and I was all over it like white on rice. Different firearms will be available for limited periods at incredibly low prices. Like every other Springfieldthe Mil-Spec Defender features a carbon steel frame and slide that is fully forged, as opposed to a cast frame and slide and a 5-inch Match Grade stainless steel barrel.

The slide has slanted serrations and the mainspring housing is the original arched style found on GI issue A1s. Fixed 3-dot sights, a lowered and flared ejection port, and a single-sided thumb safety are also standard. Each Mil-Spec comes with fully-checkered wood gripsand a Parkerized finish to combat corrosion. To keep cost down, the Defender comes with one 7-round magazine and a cardboard box instead of the traditional poly case. A nice, newone magazine, a cable lock and Springfield Armory propaganda.

No extra magazines, chamber flag, bushing tool or stickers. Works for me if it means saving a significant amount of money. What is nice is that when you register your warranty at Springfield Armoryyou get a one-time discount on accessories.

I also bought and installed a set of Wilson Combat springs just for the hell of it. The tolerances are tight, which was a great and welcome surprise given the low prices relatively speaking of the pistol.

Springfield Armory Mil-Spec 1911-A1, EGC Review with Take down and Reassembly

Overall, a great add to my purchases that I wrote about here. Pew Pew Pew.

springfield 1911 mil spec stainless review

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